Friday, June 19, 2009

ABQ--We miss you!!

Make New Friends,
But keep the OLD,
Some are Silver,
and the others Gold.

Life's a cirlce,
That never Ends,
That's how long
I want to be your Friend!!

You guys are definately GOLD.
I just got an email for book club in ABQ and I am missing you guys already. If you are checking this blog, leave comments, I would love to hear from you. I'm so sad I won't be there for book club.
Here's what we've been up to

Putting fly repellent on the baby calves backs.

Janey loved the cows. I thought they might scare her, but she just thought they were so fun to watch and listen to. They were loud. We had separated them from their babies and they were all bawling.

We went up into the hayloft to look for kittens. No luck. too bad.

WHOA cowboy!! My dad's idea of a horse is a four-wheeler. The cow's took a while to get in the corral. they were really resistant and my kids thought we were going to be chasing cows all day.

Janey fell asleep in the pick-up while chasing cows. the bumpy ride rocked her to sleep.

Wagon rides are always popular.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A couple more I forgot

I didn't mean to leave Janey out, it's just that she was catching up on sleep most of the day and missed out on alot. Here she is with the classic, "I'm wearing grandpa's glasses" picture.
Looking for turtles in the colvert (sp?)
If this doesn't make you miss us, I don't know what will:)

This is for you Dan

Dan, we made it and we miss you. We wish you were here, but I'm also still trying to find a way to make it back for your graduation. Here is my favorite driveway. I always love taking pictures of my parents driveway as you know.

Grandpa is taking the loader off the front so he can hook it up to the baler in back.

Grandpa said there were baby kittens in the shed but we still haven't found them yet.

Will really wants to go baling RIGHT NOW and is very impatient about it.


Getting the swather ready now. Grandpa had to do some welding which was exciting to watch.

the tire swing.

Will kept going back to play in the tractor.


helping Grandpa load some water tanks onto a trailer.

Brookie wanted a ride too.

It was starting to storm and the wind was blowing.

We went to look for box turtles in the skunk-aurora. the grass was taller than Will and we didn't find any turtles. That was sad, but we are going to keep looking. We did find a goose nest that Grandpa had told us to go look for but the eggs were hatched and all the babies (and mom) were gone. Just a bunch of broken egg shells.
Our camera broke, I can not get it to work, I'm using my parents. There are a couple of pictures on it that I really wanted to post. One of us crossing the state line, we got out and took a picture by the sign. It's so green here.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Broken Hearts

It's 4 in the morning and I can't sleep. I've never had so much going on in my life. Closing on two houses, two days apart from each other plus moving and saying good bye. There's so much paper and un-organization around here and boxes (and forts made out of boxes) and it's just CRAZY. I'm not even sure how we are going to make it from point A to point B.
We don't do sleep overs, but we made an exception for Casey. We are going to miss her so much.

We have been crying and crying here in NM. I think Emma's heart is broken. Yesterday when she had to say goodbye to Casey after playing for 48 hours straight,they were both sobbing. I was sobbing. It was so hard to seperate them. I hate this.

Casey is the only one Emma invited to her early birthday party this year. Ella came to play with Brookie.

Emma and Casey reading Frances before bed. They are so dang cute together. We swear Casey got sent to the wrong family. She would be a great addition. We'd stuff her in our suitcase if we could.

The weather here has been crazy. Rain and clouds everyday. The pool has been open and the kids have been dying to go so Tracey (the neighbors) and I finally took them and it was freezing. They only stayed in for about 1/2 an hour.

Sara and Janey didn't mind the cold water for a while.

Best buddies in the making. Will loves pushing Janey around in the dumptruck, she loves it too.

Libby made these skirts and matching shirts, isn't she amazing? by the time they are 16 I'm going to have her talked into making their prom dresses. I'm working on it.

Emma was Pippi Long Stocking for Crazy Hair Day at school.

Saying goodbye to teachers was so emotional. Brookie and I were both a mess. Ms. Heather and Ms. Anni were so great and we could have had them again next year if we were staying:(
Brookie and Ms. Anni were especially close. They gave us each some New Mexican turquoise jewelry to remember them by, which I've been wearing everyday and loving.

The neighbors left for vacation so we had early goodbyes. More tears. They've been the best neighbors in the world.

Casey and Emma have written songs for each other and books and a million cards and they have stuffed animals named after each other and their first children are going to have each others names and they have a hundred acronyms describing themselves (B.F.F, etc.) Casey is such a sweet girl, we really are going to miss her. Making them say goodbye yesterday was enough to break my heart. Emma's was already broken. Emma is so sad that we are moving. She thinks life has ended. To her it was like a funeral. I keep telling her we can come and visit, but she knows realistically it won't be often. She is one sad, sad girl.