Monday, August 31, 2009

Quick Trip to Missoula

Sunni didn't want to miss out on a visit with Dan & Honey & family while she was here from Spain, so after the others left we went on a road trip! The drive was beautiful and the visit was a blast. We watched the kids in swimming lessons, floated the river near their house and made a day trip to Stevens' Lake. We finished up with a visit to Dragons Hollow where they have the world's fastest carousel - at least that is what it seemed like to us!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Reunion in Boise

We had such a great time having Sunni here from Spain, Chris and Rachel & family here from NC and Carson and Deena here from Kansas. Sunshine, water, good food, laughing and visiting. The only thing that would have made it better would have been to have Dan and Honey and their family here with us.

Before and After

We are finally done our kitchen and bath remodel - at least almost. (I have a problem outlet to get fixed.) We had all the counters and sinks functional and the new lights in when the kids arrived:) Now all the tile is grouted and sealed. We experienced the usually ups and downs that seem to be part of a remodel and it took 3 times as long as originally projected, but we LOVE the end result!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

A couple of things.

the blue shirt brigade:) we miss you all!!!!

I never posted pictures from Dan's graduation because the only camera I had was my blackberry and they all turned out blurry. Anyway, I decided to post some anyway, because I am really proud of him. So there you have it. It was at the Corrales Events Center. Good food. Good company. Good Laughs. Good memories.

Sunni and Grandma Libby came to visit. I guess we wore everyone out.

Sunni got us this dish in Morracco!! Isn't it cool? I am so excited. We love it. It looks great on the mantle Sunni, THANKS!
P.s. That book "Staying Home" you started reading here is actually really good, like you were saying. It gets very political very fast. It makes me feel extremely guilty about shopping at places like Costco where the oranges come from Chili. There is nothing wrong with Chili, but the book is all about supporting your local economy and local farmers. Did you know that the food an average American eats has been handled 22 times before you eat it and that 90% of Americans have no idea where their food comes from. It really got me going probably because we bought 5 acres with the idea of a big garden and orchard and chickens, etc. so this book got me all excited. I think some of the programs going on out there to get people to buy more local products are great. We just need more programs like that. And we need more awareness. If anyone wants to read a good book and do something great for their community and theirself, read this book.

My "little" brother Joe got married and I got to go. It was great. I drove down with my sister, Sherry and we had alot of great conversations.

My brothers all looked GREAT!! such great guys!

Donovan and Paige were the ring bearer/ flower girl. They were so cute.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Seeley Lake camping, etc.

Playing in the River.
Bear Moss makes great mustaches and hairy armpits. Camping for long enough will do that to you.

Lily pads up at Seeley Lake. This picture doesn't really do them justice, but the reflection is cool. We went on a hike while we were there and we found a ton of huckleberry bushes and ate them until we were all full. It was so great because the locals will not tell you where to find huckleberries. they don't want you eating all their finds so you have to find them yourself. We were so excited.

The sunset from our deck.

Roasting marshmallows.

Playing in the mud is so fun.

Isn't this a beauty? It's my moms and I'm going to reupholster it. My latest project. I'll let you know how it goes. it really needs some love, but if you ever get a chance to rock on it, you'll understand why I'm going to the effort. It's my favorite loveseat/rocker ever.

Grandpa jumping on the tramp. They were taking turns doing tricks and the kids kept trying to talk him into doing a flip for them.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Montana Gee's are great!

We had a great 24 hours with them. We swam and slid at Splash Montana, walked down their lane, jumped on the tramp and sat out under the stars in their back yard. Church with them Sunday morning and we had to leave for Coeur d'Alene but we took with us some wonderful memories!