Sunday, August 29, 2010

summer 2010

loved having a huge garden this year. i've got carrots, lettuce, spinach and green beans coming out of my ears. just enough raspberries and strawberries and peas to eat right there and corn in a week I think. lots of pumpin, butternut squash and gourds but i don't think the watermelon and cantoloupe are going to make it, they are tiny still. the asparagus and sweet potatoes are also doing amazing, but not quite ready. fruit trees are all looking great but the Kristin Cherry. the peach trees have made a comeback.
Dan got his roll down. he did the Gorge again in the kayak and I THINK he made it down without panic-ing this time. he did flip in Tumbleweed but got right back up no problem, unlike last year. Hopefully no more nightmares about being stuck upside down in a boat.:)

We spent most of our summer on some kind of boat or another.

We're going to try to sneak in one more trip down the Gorge if there are any takers?

And probably once down the Gallatin since we just had family move to Bozeman (yeah, we are so excited to have an excuse)

The vegetable game was my favorite campfire game of the summer. (it's definately easiest to just be a pea.) YW camp was a RIOT. I did the Polar Dip, Dan couldn't believe it.

After Shalayne fell out on Tumbleweed we made the kids wear helmets the next time.

then Gavin and Brookie swam Fiddle Creek, two spills the whole summer, not too bad. Made for good memories and fun times.

Friday, August 27, 2010

This is my world!

We are deep into the second (and hopefully the final) stage of our remodel! New flooring, new bathtub tile and new stair rail. Right now, we are completely moved out of the upstairs. In two weeks, we move upstairs and clear out the downstairs. Sunni was working in the garage with the door open when they were having our neighborhood yard sale last Saturday and people passing by kept looking at her hopefully - but it all has to go back inside!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Diving Contest

Here are the boys with their Durham cousins. Christopher and Ethan did their first diving board flips. Matthew tried but did not quite get all the way around.