Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring Break in EM

We had a blast over spring break. I got to spend two days with my Grandma who I hardly ever get to see and it was the funnest two days I have spent in a lonnnnnnnnnnnnng time. I learned all about 100 different things. We made raspberry tea out of the leaves she had dried last summer from her raspberry patch and she gave me some shoots for some flowers and I ate Hot Cross Buns for the first time in my life and tasted her canned meat (elk) that was the best dinner I have ever had and we just talked and talked. She told me all about her childhood and told my kids about their pet antelope "Bucky" that she had when she was a kid. She showed us her quilts that she has made over the years and I saw her apple orchard where I made many memories as a child. We rode Cisco and Scottie and Grandpa took Will and Keaton for a walk into "the forest". Which is what my "city slicker" 4 year old called the patch of pines behind their house. They were all laughing at him and his "forest". It was so much fun.
Then we had Easter at my parents house and my two uncles who won the wall-eye tournament last summer put on a fish fry for our whole extended family and I swear there were 100 people there, half of them kids.
We played some Major League Softball and it was a mean game. Thanks to the game and spotlighting the night before, Dan now has a couple new names. "Dead Eye Dan" and SuperGlue glove Gee".
the kids got to see 3 baby calves be born. quite the "education":)
Will and Keaton kept disappearing. Kyle and I would have to go looking for them. once they were exploring the "forest". the second time they were in my parents hay loft. they could climb up the ladder but they couldn't get back down, so they were just up there waiting for someone to come and help them down. they missed the egg hunt because of that one.
anyway, life is going by fast. looking forward to summer.