Sunday, December 20, 2009

oh yeah

this is Pippin', Emma's cat. he's an outdoor cat despite the picture. he's our mouser.
our tree, not too bad for out in the woods.

Dan works thru the holidays so this was our Christmas break a little early.

Our Christmas Break

Dan and I haven't been to the Boise temple, where we got married, for 10 years, so that was great!! Thanks Libby for babysitting.
We haven't been to Boise for 4 years, when Will was brand new, so it was really fun.

Janey really loved that swing. She has not swung since we left ABQ. 5 months.

Snowman in the making with Grandma.

this is the snowman in SLC at Christophers baptism. That was a blast Chris and Rachel, thanks for letting us share in the fun.

Ethan and Will falling down the "hill"

that silly stray cat that wouldn't leave us alone

Christopher "King of the snowman"

random pic. the kids love that silly banister, they slide down it all day long.

hunting for the perfect Christmas tree. our picture for our Christmas card came from this excursion just 2 weeks ago, despite the date on the photo.

our new hickory island.

we got our tree 5 min. from our house.

another shot of the island.