Monday, October 19, 2009

Gavin the Younger takes the plunge in Austin!

We had a great time in Austin! Janice and Erin were wonderful hosts - Erin took us to the capital and he and Janice gave us a tour of the university and the downtown area. It was great to be with family! We are so grateful to have so many amazing nieces and nephews. The wedding was wonderful. Denny and Gavin had everything beautifully planned. Her colors were orange and green - don't you love her orange shoes? (She wore another pair with her wedding dress but I didn't get a picture of them.) The San Antonio temple is beautiful - stained glass windows with Texas scenes. I didn't get any pictures at the reception but it was a backyard fairyland with votive candles in jars hanging from the trees and all kinds of wonderful sweet treats.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Janey turned 1.
We made her an ice cream cake and Emma decorated it with Janey's favorite things (marshmallow mateys, bananas and kittys)

Janey got lots of help opening presents.

we've finally introduced her to sugar. mint oreos are everyones favorites right now.

we got snow on the morning of Janey's birthday. (ignore the date on the photos)

she's learned how to walk.

we planted four trees.