Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fun Times in ABQ!!

I wanted to share some of the fun I had in Albuquerque last week. This was a part of the Sunday evening song fest we enjoyed. Aren't they all wonderful? I had a hard time choosing between this and "Albuquerque, he's my turkey"!

I had a blast and am so grateful to Dan and Honey for raising such wonderful and well behaved children. Honey wrote up an instruction/driving directions book for me that was invaluable! I loved having Mom there with me. Taking care of the kids was different than just visiting and made me feel even closer to them. I am hoping I will have the chance to do the same with Chris and Rachel's children.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Thank You So Much!!

Libby was so sweet to come and watch our kids while we went "house hunting" last week and we just wanted her to know how Grateful we are for her and the sacrifices her and Gavin both made for us. We REALLY APPRECIATE IT!! It was so nice to know our kids were doing fine and I think having their own schedules and home made a huge difference. It was so nice not to have to farm them all out just to leave for 4 days. THANKYOU LIBBY!!! The kids miss you already.
We did find a house and we are excited for this transition to be over.
P.S. Sunni, I can't wait for pictures of what you've been up to. I keep checking!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Just Cute so I had to post them

my new trick, I learned to sit up. the world from a whole new perspective!!

picnic on the lawn

Easter Egg hunt with some friends!
Rachel, did I ever tell you how much we love those clips?

Lessons Learned while trying to sell a House

Lesson Number 1: when people come to walk through your home, they spend approximately 30 seconds in your house, So why clean for 3 hours just for that? (I walk around the block and they pull out of the driveway and leave when I'm only at the third or fourth house.)

Lesson Number 2: when people come to look at your home, they usually know within the first 8 seconds wether or not they would be willing to buy it, So why clean for that? (just clean the first eight seconds of the house:)

Lesson Number 3: when you have four kids, it's not only sort of impossible to keep it clean, it's officially proven to be completely impossible and it's also known that you could Die trying, So Why even try?

Lesson Number 4: when trying to sell a house, all your friends have advice and stories for you. Most of them go like this, "the one day that my house was a total mess and trashed was the day we finally had an offer" SO WHY CLEAN? (I've heard this story or a similar one four times now in the last month) I'm taking it as a sign.

Lesson Number 5: why stage it for someone else, when you're the one who bought it so you could live in it. So why clean for them? Believe me, they don't appreciate it.

Lesson Number 6: I now know what it's like to be OCD about cleanliness and I absolutely hate it. what a boring life. You could spend your entire life doing something you hate. I'd much rather practice my guitar or read a good book.

Lesson Number 7: the person around the corner has never put a dime into their house or any home improvement projects and it will sell before yours that you've put lots of sweat and money into for some weird unknown reason. (probably because they can list it at a lower price as they didn't spend anything on it, they don't have anything to lose)

Lesson Learned: There's NO REASON TO CLEAN! Thanks for letting me vent!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Our Great Spring Break!

Will with his best friend Tyler.
Spring Break before Taos. We love our great neighbors.

The only thing Janey got out of Taos was a bath.

Brookie was a pro at skiing. She remembered everything and was on her own basically from the start. She loved it.

This was only Emma's second time skiing, she's hoping that the third time is the charm, but she did great too. By the end of the day she was doing the chair lift and did her last run by herself.

Will did the magic carpet (the zipper) most of the day I think.

Emma was the only one in her class so she had an instructor all to herself.

Brookie and I. I am so sad that Dan is not in any of these pictures. Our batteries were going low unfortunately and he was the one with the camera.

Brookie on the chair lift. She loved it, she was so excited the whole time.

We forgot the girls skis coats, but they were troopers!
Well, I got my picture of Will skiing. If that's what you want to call it. He spent most of his day falling I think, but he is related to Dan and loved every minute of it. He was cold and didn't even know it and after 7 hours of skiing he was so sad when we made him go in and take off his stuff. He wanted to sleep there and asked if we were coming back and do people live there?

This is the Stewart House where Dan had been spending his month and where we stayed with him while we were up there. It is your classic New Mexico/Taos experience. We highly recommend it for anyone wanting to vacation in Taos.

I was so sad this picture was blurry. I just love her curls, but they only last as long as her hair is wet.

We love the chub!!
My sister-in-law Jen came and visited us with her two kids. We had alot of fun. I'm sad I didn't get a picture of her and I. Why do you always think about those things later?

The twin cousins Janey and Katie? Can you guess which is which? I think Janey has maybe 5 pounds on Katie. They are six days apart. I think we officially wore them out that day.

This is the Pirates Cove at the aquarium. The kids call it their secret hiding place.

Old Town.

Bubble Bath with Payson and Will.